From 1995 I'm living a pleasant and involving full immersion in the project Quasars, that represents a continuous search toward new sounds and atmospheres. The engagement and the passion drag more and more me and they convince me to continue and to learn. Within the group I compose the music and I perform the parts of synth ,drums and the second bawls. I also deal me with the mixer of the tracks to the Alabamas Studio of Giovanni , with which I sometimes collaborate to the realization of his songs . I  remained very impressed by the favorable comments of the friends, of the colleagues and of all those people that have contacted us after they listened  the songs of our first album, "Empty Spaces". From 2000 Giovanni is a member of Quasars. He is an important element for the group. His parts of  electric bass  are notable and  his help with the electric guitar is precious. The second album, "Lightears", it probably results more complex and elaborate, thanks also to the lyrics of Flavio. New matters are treated, perhaps less technological, but surely more "actual". His ideas are gauging and involving. To follow the models of the past, but also the spontaneous search of the originality, brings me to compose more and more particular songs, demanding from myself all I can give.  This common engagement, from distance of a few years, is now giving good fruits. Quasars band is the result of sacrifices, great interest and great desire to see to concretize (from amateurs which we are) our musical project. Personally, I consider "Lightears" a good work . The whole group has tried to take care of  the least details the perform of the songs,the mixing and the final mastering.  This is an album that has put us quite a lot in difficulty, having spent a long period of due inactivity to shortage of ideas and to other personal appointments. Besides the mixing it was hard and it takes us a long period of time. Just for this, we feel the album "Lightears" strongly  our and we consider it a very important experience. I am already working to some new tracks that could be present in a possible third album, to which we would hold all and three. The time that I succeed in devoting is always very limited, but the passion pushes me to continue in this direction. I am trying to have been realizing for years one personal album of mine that will entitle him "Old Sensations" and it will contain instrumental songs of various kind written from me and had performed since 1995 till today. On May 2 nd 2004 I have finished a cd with the soloist recorder, other instrument that I love to play performing 5 classical music songs. You can find all details in my page "Old Sensations". From 2005 I assiduously attend many internet forums and web sites about home recording to try to improve my technique of mixing and mastering so that be able to use to the best the potentialities of my home studio. With the personal computer of the Microstudio I have realized this site web, that I will try to hold periodically adjourned.














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