The origins of the group go back to 1995. Flavio and Andrea work in the same company and, making acquaintance, they discover of having a common passion for the same musical kinds. Andrea, at the same time, attends one musical studio in its country, managed from Cristian, an old friend. On June, 9th 1995 in this studio happens the encounter that will give life to the musical project and to the group of the Quasars. Flavio writes the lyrics of the song "The Prophet" and tries to sing it. The song takes body more and more and, after some modifications in the following months, it becomes in absolute the first song produced by Quasars. A few times later, Cristian detach himself  from this project to follow its dance music project while Flavio and Andrea begin to compose during the spare time. Flavio sings the songs and Andrea executes the orchestral parts, making use of a polyphonic keyboard acquired from Cristian. Only in 2000 all our efforts are concretized with the completion of our first album "Empty Spaces". In one of the songs of Empty Spaces also participates Giovanni, a dear friend and collaborator of the band, performing some parts of electric guitar. On April 2000 Giovanni becomes to all the effects the third member of the group like guitarist and bass player. Common opinion of the group is that one to continue to compose and  produce subsequently a new album. In 2008  was completed "Lightears", our second album, whose not easy realization has been largely wanted from the group.


Listening to the new album "Lightears", it results enough evident our musical evolution toward more traditional sonorities, less technological, but equally refined. This is an album that we strongly feel ours and of which we are proud, because also with the thousand met difficulties (due to the changed personal situations of someone of we), well represents our actual potentialities, strong of eight years of experience in more regarding the first album "Empty Spaces". We have quite preferred "to freeze" for a sure period the working of the album for being able to resume it later on and to dedicate to it all the time necessary, so as to to avoid banal and random conclusions.




Now we will take a small pause to relax ourselves, to reflect on the developed job and on our actual situation . But the adventure of the Quasars will not be stopped here!. The targets change, but not the passion and the enthusiasm  to continue to say something through the language of music. Our productions are born and they come definitively performed in studio, where irregularly during the spare time we find ourselves. For our choice, we do not execute live concerts. We carry out this activity only and exclusively for passion and not for profit.  At the moment we invite you to listen to this album. From your critics or encouragements something of new will be born once again... As always... Best regards to everybody... See you soon.


Flavio, Andrea and Giovanni


Our music - The Space Rock

Musical labeling has become more and more vague and arbitrary, especially in the world of pop and rock. New sub-genres continually emerge as different styles combine to create unique new styles. Here we look at the variation of rock called "spacerock" in which, despite the title, most works are not directly inspired by "real" space. Enough of them are, however, to warrant inclusion of the genre here. Our "Space Rock" is strongly influenced by the British psychedelic style of the late 60s and it also includes contributions from the 1970's Progressive Rock period and from Heavy Metal. There is also a lot of overlap with '70/'80 's electronic space music. The result is a music style, in our opinion, rather “vibrating” and original.






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