I am the soloist voice of the group and I write the lyrics of our songs. I like to write, but I also love to read the lyrics written by others. I think that a beautiful song has the same dignity of a poetry, with in anymore the art of the music. This doesn't mean for strength that a song is better than a poetry: they are different things. I believe that to write a beautiful song is necessary engagement and to have something to say, otherwise it will be just a half beautiful song . This concept the I had well clear until the beginning but the experience of these lyrics with the Quasars also helped me to sharpen me in the expressive technique. Despite is spent different years from when I have written our first piece, I find here still me with the same enthusiasm even if the things change and the time that I succeed in devoting to the group unfortunately is smaller in comparison to the beginning of our adventure. To have completed our first disk has been for all of us a great satisfaction. We are changed and evolved (this is palpable in " Lightears ", our new disk just finished). Therefore the changes and the new things, according to me, are best medicine to maintain or to find again the thrill! But the greatest push for me is every time that we complete a new piece and I listen the final result of our efforts. This repays me of everything and  induces me to go on. Stronger than never!!!Of the Quasars project I like mostly the fact that what we do is totally our. Is exclusive fruit of our ideas, to apart from the fact that it like or not. I am not in general already interested to reinterprete songs wrote from others .In general I love the original things and the solutions not expected  and this I hope to succeed transmitting at least in the lyrics that I write .In comparison with the album "Empty Spaces", the thematic that I face in my lyrics they are progressively changed, but in non instrumental way. They reflect, in fact, one different way of mine to see and to feel the things. They belong to one general change of mine, united also to the different approaches in her "construction" of the two albums. Also not denying the past (in every phase of the life it is had a vision of the same life and of the world that changes with the time and with the filter of the experiences), I believe that one of the most interesting things of which can be spoken is the way, different for each of us, to face the things and the events. This, therefore, has influenced in natural way the development of the lyrics of the last album. I think that they are themes in which the people mostly find again him. If someone will also find  some starting point of reflection or if he can feel just an emotion reading them, for me it will be the maximum one of the rewards and of the appeasement.

I leave you, therefore, hoping to meet you again  on the walk of the Quasars. 

An embrace!   












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