The Microstudio was born in september of 1994  and was assembled into the Andrea's home. It was initially used to produce some of his soloist's songs, then after the foundation of the group of Quasars, happened approximately 9 months later, Andrea privileged the composition of the songs of the group. Till now, at the Microstudio was been recorded all the parts sung by Flavio  while the parts of guitar and electric bass was been recorded to the Alabamas Studio of Giovanni. 



The Microstudio contains all the devices necessary to the audio recording and to the mixing and the mastering of our songs. In the last two years, it has become wealthy of some instruments useful to facilitate our job. The old personal computer was replaced with a more evolved workstation and a 61 keys M-Audio master keyboard was added to the old Roland U-20. Now, audio and midi tracks (voice and vst instruments) are completely elaborated with the internal mixer of the new VST-host Windows programs and sent subsequently in the external mixer Makie.



The stereophonic system for the final mixing is instead remained unchanged and is visible in the image below.



The instruments used:

  • Keyboard Roland U-20 ;

  • Keyboard M-Audio Keystation 61 ES USB

  • Expander MIDI Korg 01R /W ;

  • Expander MIDI Roland JV 1010 ;

  • Minimoog V  release 1.0 Arturia

  • Effects processor Alesis Midiverb 2 ;

  • Effects processor Behringer Virtualizer Pro DSP 2024 P

  • Vocoder software Opcode "Fusion Vocoder" ;

  • Electric guitar Fender Stratocaster ( ownership of Alabamas Studio) ;

  • Acoustic guitar Ovation Pinnacle ( ownership of Alabamas Studio) ;

  • Electric bass Cort New NA 5 ( ownership of Alabamas Studio) ;

  • Electric bass fretless Frudua ( ownership of Alabamas Studio) .

Microphones :

  • Rde NT-1 .

  • AKG   C-3000  professional serie ( ownership of Alabamas Studio) ;

  • Electro Voice M/C 100 .

Mixing section:

  • Mixer Mackie 1402 VLZ ;

  • Power amplifier Yamaha MX 830 ;

  • Digital pre-amplifier  Yamaha CX 1000 .

  • Acoustic boxes RCF  BR 1042 .

 Yamaha pre and power amplifier


Minimoog V - release 1.0  Arturia software

Computer :

  • Personal Computer  Intel Pentium IV  3,2 GHz - 1 GB Ram .

Keyboard  Roland U-20





 The  Behringer Virtualizer Pro DSP 2024 P effect processor