this is the page of my  musical activities.      

My passion for music was born in 1975, when I began to play the recorder at the primary schools. Unfortunately, cultivating various hobbies during the spare time, I have always destined an interest rather marginal  to the study of the musical theory; thing that reflects itself  nowadays too , later over thirty years. 

In 1980 I began to play drums in a group of the oratory of my country. In 1983 I entered to make part as drummer of a local fusion music band. We only played  in our room for rehearsals and we didn't perform live concerts, but I made with them a lot of hours of recordings that were in the future for me of great utility. I remained with this group up to 1986, when important acquired experience helped me to compose the first personal songs.

In 1988 I composed with the synthesizer of a friend (a Korg Poly 61 M) my first three electronic music songs.

In the meantime I purchased a saxophone, that I tried to play, but with scarce success.   

The turn arrived among 1993 and 1994 when I was attracted by the world of the personal computer, until then for me almost unknown. To my scarce ability of keyboard player it finally came in help an unbelievable software: the sequencer midi. With this program I finally had the possibility of " to exploit and to use" all my musical fantasy, composing the parts of various instruments, with the possibility to be able to listen them together and contemporarily.

In 1995 I began to compose various kinds of music to pick up in an album that later I decided to call "Old Sensations". Most part of these songs was originated from ideas of the years '80s  and from models of fusion music and modern jazz, that I played frequently in that time, playing the drums in a group of  friends, impassioned  in  that kind of music . The Quasars project has temporarily estranged me from this job, that however I want to continue and to finish it as soon as possible.

I devote a great part of my spare time to the Quasars project , trying to not neglect my other personal projects.      

In a lot of occasions people ask me to record an album with the recorder , so during the first months of 2004 I have begun to rehearse some classical songs in my studio (you can see “ Microstudio “ in the web page ) and I have recorded its . The bases that I have used are midi files found through internet. The instruments that I have combined with its was originate from my expander Roland JV 1010, provided of  the section  "Orchestra" .

On May 2nd 2004 I have introduced this my individual job, recorded between the months of February and April 2004.The album contain 5 songs.   

I am trying to concretize the idea to realize, in short time, another album with the recorder that I would like to devote to my daughter.