Friday September 12 th 2003  

Interview of Sergio Vilar, Publisher of the web site Nucleus and Music Director of the broadcast programs "Una Larga Pasión" and "Radio Babel, from Buenos Aires, Argentina  



  •   Interview: 

  1. you could introduce the band, one each , for those that don't know you, and to tell some detail on the beginnings?  

The group was born from a meeting between Flavio and Andrea in June of 1995.  

The common passion for the music and the sharing of the same musical tastes has brought to the creation of the first song of the band, "The Prophet" in 1996. From March of 2000  has entered to belong to the group Giovanni "Alabamas", that has brought his experience of musical studies .  

I am Andrea. I am fond of music since young and I have played in different occasions the drums and the recorder . I am fond in classical music (Vivaldi and Verdi) and I listen gladly to the melodic rock and the pop of the ‘70s / ‘80s.  

I work as electronic technician in a firm of  telecommunications. The Quasars project has involved me since his beginning, in 1995, and it still pushes me to continue with engagement and passion during the leisure time. Inside the group I compose the music and I deal me with to perform all the parts of sinth, drums and the choirs.  

Besides I also deal me with the management of our internet site . The Quasars band is the result of sacrifices, great interest and strong desire to see to concretize more and more (Like amateur which we are) our musical project.  

Now I give the microphone to Flavio…  

I am the soloist voice of the group and I write the lyrics of the songs. In the life I work in a firm of telecommunications. The thing most important for me when I write it is to avoid to say banal things or already said by others, even if this is a thing enough difficult, especially in musical field. The Quasars have been mine first and one direct musical experience. For the rest so much passion for the music and so many songs of all kinds passed in my stereo. However I am happy about the experience that I have had in these years. And I now pass to you Giovanni for his solo….  

Inside the band I play the electric guitar and the bass. My musical training is in classic music, however I have always deal me with different musical kinds.I have approached to the rock of the Quasars and I was remained fascinated . I feel me fully involved in the work of this second disk to which I could be  participate till from the beginning and I am bringing it ahead  with particular enthusiasm .After the presentation now we  pass to the questions.  

 2. how would you define your style?   

Our musical kind takes inspiration from models and styles of the years '70s and '80s.Is a kind that today could be defined "alternative”.  

3. you consider the Quasars a progressive band , or just a group that play the music that seems good  at that time without stopping to think about which musical style you can to situate your music ?   

We believe that few (Apart who make only commercial music) take care about to compose thinking about staying inside a certain style. We also think that every musician or band while the time goes by evolves him and therefore inevitably change style. We consider this a growth. And it is what is also happening to us.  

4. you have always remained in the same musical style?  

Not always; in the first disk we made a kind of rock that we could define "spatial", with many effects and the use of the vocoder.  

5. how is going , currently,  the progressive music in Italy?   

In the years '60s / '70s there were a juvenile ferment very tied up to the discovery of new values that   found space in the mass movements, in the great assemblies, in the politics and however in the “ stay together “. The music tied everything and was the most effective “glue”. There were’nt  discoteque or dance music that could kill that more human dimension .People listened the words of the songs besides the music and criticized the whole official discografy that had serious problems of sale in that period. The record labels drew near to the progressive music because they smelled a "business", not because they loved that kind of music. Then the phenomenon has passed and everything is returned in the "underground". Now it needs to accept the fact that the progressive rock is to appanage of "few but goods". They are so many the researches and the artistic avant-garde that have not a good acceptance from majority and this is normal , otherwise avant-garde there would not to be. Then today with this cultural brutishness that the young people live, literally disorientated and also drive to dotty , better being particular , specific  that to make themselves grow foolish from the system. Decidedly we have many doubts that there is a resumption and a  regeneration of the progressive music in a sensational way . Despite a more and more  strong and dignified return , the progressive music remains still a cultural phenomenon and not for the mass , specially in Italy.   

Today many young musicians rediscover the progressive music and they propose it with great courage, but around them circulates little interest and musical productions are difficult and binding without promotional supports. It is difficult to survive in a musical jungle where the part of the lion is in the hands of whom produces and promotes commercial music and music of subculture. That’s enough to see the hit parade and the  hammering proposals of the mass-media to understand….  

6. which are , according to you, the possibilities and the limitations to make to know the work of a band as the Quasars inside the Italian musical market?  

Also answering at the same time to the following question, we consider internet a fundamental tool to make to know our work to the foreign countries and in Italy, also considering the fact that we make a particular kind of music , not for the mass ,  therefore not very suitable to spread with mass media .And also considering the fact that we haven’t a producer that distributes our music .  

7. you think that Internet has been, or it can be, an important tool to spread your music in the world?  

You see the answer to the question 6  

8. how you have planned the diffusion of the disk? What have you done till now in that direction?  

When we finished the making of our first disk, Empty Spaces, we were not prepared to spread our work. For the our second album internet has come in help of us and it has  also helping us to spread the first one.  

We have some contacts with some small record label, still to appraise.  

9. if someone, after having read this interview want to know more informations about the music of the Quasars, what can he do for having its ?  

We realize on our own our musical productions . We compose, we record, we make the mixer  and we record on support CD our works and we don't have a producer that guarantees us a musical distribution of the product…….. At the moment, who was interested to our music, can contact us to our e-mail quasarsmail@libero.it  

10. How do you think that the music of the Quasars will evolve in the next years?   

We don’t know what will happen in a far future but we think that in the next years our music will drive to a melodic rock that we could define “ alternative “ , even if is ever hard to define a kind of music or put a label on .  

11. Many thanks . I would like that you closed the interview with some messages...  

We don't deceive ourselves to become famous. We make our music because we like and it give us satisfaction. However the thing  that gratify and join every musician, amateur or professional , it is that others share with him the pleasure to listen to his music. The people's appreciation, when  there is , make you understand that you have done a good work . So , we hope that who listen our music send us a message and let us to know what they think of it . For the moment  we send you many greetings from “ the other side of the world “.  

Thanks again, with affection, from your friend in Argentina     

Sergio Vilar   






Jorge Sergio Iglesias 

Spanish musician and composer from Santiago de Compostela

Critique published on the site:


on the 11’t / 04 / 03. 



Hello Quasars! 


This is my modest review of your CD "Empty Spaces." I can say that I judge your music really interesting . I really like it . I hope that you don't have difficulty to translate my words in Italian from the Spaniard . (Ah !.. I have also put my comment on your Guest book...) 


   Greetings ! 




Translation of the critique 

Before receiving from the three components of the Italian band "Quasars" their first job, "Empty Spaces", I didn't know yet what I would have discovered to the first listening. The adjectives that I had listened or read reported to this group went from "band" of alternative music up to band "spatial rock" inspired to a part of the music directed to this style in the years 70 and 80. Trying to understand what I would have had to wait me, I visited their page official web, http://www.quasars.cjb.net, to know more about the way to make its music of this Italian group. 

The waiting for a short time it was completely worthwhile . After having listened the 5 tracks of "Empty Spaces" I remained completely surprised. They says that their name "Quasars" it tries to evoke spatial atmospheres. What will result clear when to this disk is listened is that, although of modest realization (Recorded in the "Microstudio" home of Andrew, the keyboards player of the band and product on his own through the "Microrecords"), it shows, as it regards me some clear and personal musical ideas. 

It is not frivolous music and without spirit. All the contrary. 


4 years are taken for giving the form suitable to the disk , but finally in December of the year 2000 the disk saw the light. Andrea (keyboards, percussions and various electronic tools  ), Flavio (soloist voice) and Giovanni (Bass and electric guitar), with the initial collaboration of Cristian and the support of the friend Fabrizio, has succeeded to realize a disk in which I can see clear influences of the most real “ Space Rock “ , but also with touches of symphonic rock and electronic music and the presence of a clear base of synthesizer in the themes. The five songs are powerful, with a base of percussion well marked , and with curious turns of  bass guitar that were insert  perfectly in the whole . Her good setups of the keyboard are always punctual and the voice of Flavio invites us with its lyrics to visit desolate planets, trying to drive us in spatial adventures, as it says in " A  New Life": "And when I ‘m flying near the black holes, I look at my video... and  I think sometimes at the Earth, irretrievable now ... but I’ll survive... " .  


When you will listen to these five songs you will remain with the desire to be involved more and more by the rhythm of the Quasars . Nevertheless , they already works to their new disk that will be  call "Lightears" and that according to themselves it will contain a lot of surprises. We attend with trepidation... 

  Jorge Sergio Iglesias 






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